“Brexpiprozale Anti-Ode”
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“Poem for & After Me Too” & “Elegy with a Line from Mary Jo Bang”
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"Why Trust This World"
(The Shallow Ends, December 2017)

Five poems from As If
(Wyvern Lit, November 2017)

"Interruption with Egg Yolk" & "Poem for Inclusion"
(The Arkansas International, Fall 2017)

Three poems from As If
(Five:2:One, July 2017)

Poem from As If
(Tinderbox, June 2017)

Poem from As If
(Underblong, June 2017)

(Radar Poetry, April 2017)

Five poems from As If
(Vanilla Sex Magazine, April 2017)

Poem from As If
(Big Lucks, April 2017)

"Reasons to Weep"
(fields, April 2017)

"To Aaron on His Birthday (Poem for Amanda)"
(Queen Mob's Teahouse, March 2017)

"Light Built"
(Day One, March 2017)

"For Once"
(Kenyon Review Online, December 2016)

Two Poems from As If
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Four Poems
(|tap| magazine, October 2016)

Five Poems
(Luna Luna Magazine, September 2016)

Three Poems
(fog machine, August 2016)

"You Shouldn't Let Poets Lie To You," "the body ____," "No One's"
(Vector Press, "All Not Men" issue // July 2016)

*Nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2016
(Glass Poetry, June 2016)

Recently Uncovered
(Souvenir, Spring 2016)

"Poem for Walter's Leaving, the Fields" & "I Breathe and it is to be Applauded For"
(The Offing, May 2016)

"Concerning the Difficult Problem of Being Alive" & "On Being An Expert"

“Getting Bad Again” & “Dear Baby J”
(Barrow Street, Winter 2016)

Three Poems from "Nothing Granted"
(Cosmonauts Avenue, December 2015)

"Making Sense" 
(Powder Keg, December 2015)

"The Worst Day"
(Gabby, November 2015)

"Reasons Why," "Hating Thy Neighbor," "Memory of Half-Truths," & "Inside Voice"
(Maps for Teeth, Issue Three // November 2015)
*Hating Thy Neighbor - nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2016
*Inside Voice - nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2015

selection from "Nothing Granted"
(Print Oriented Bastards, Issue Eight // October 2015)

(Barrelhouse, "Brothers & Sisters" Issue // October 2015)

"Take Once Daily," "Drifting," selection from "Nothing Granted"
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Three Poems from "Nothing Granted"
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(Prelude, September 2015)

(The Adroit Journal, Issue 13 // September 2015)

"As Ill As I Am I Am" & selection from "Nothing Granted"
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“To Be Feral”
(Whiskey Island, Issue 66)

“the worry I’ve ruined,” “How Can I Expect Anyone to Love Me”
(Potluck Mag in Print, July 2015)

“Meditation on the Wood-Paneled Room” & “Toward Something Hard”
(Sundog Lit, June 2015)

days I can’t carry
(Vending Machine Press, June 2015)

*Real Pants feature: From the Desk of... Anna Meister
Real Pants, May 2015)

four poems from “Nothing Granted”
(Wyvern Lit, Spring 2015)

“Unsolicited Advice to Adolescent Girls the Summer Before Heading East”
(The Bohemyth, March 2015)

“Grilled Cheese,” “Alice Notley, about my home, you said:”
(Noble / Gas Qtrly, January 2015)

Making Coffee
(Voicemail Poems, January 2015)

“Poem for what happened at the first house,” “Downsizing”
(The Boiler, January 2015)

*Real Pants feature: I Want Answers! (from Anna Meister)
(Real Pants, January 2015)

“(map),” “an especially hot July”
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“Exercise in Not Knowing,” “Last Vacation”
(Epigraph Magazine, December 2014)

“Assuming grieve is the past tense of love”
(Sugar House Review, December 2014)

Slow Climb,” “During the funeral, I feel guilty for thinking” *
*Nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2014
(Bodega, November 2014)

“Dead Brothers”
(Portland Review, November 2014)

Finalist for 2014 Coniston Prize: “What,” “On practicing drawing my house:,” “what i love & will never again,” “Through the window, I watch,” “A World in Itself”
(Radar Poetry, October 2014)

Mayo Clinic
(Wicked Banshee Press, October 2014)

23,” “put the fun back in funeral
(FreezeRay Poetry, October 2014)

“A Little Less,” “When I Made It,” “About Our Leaving”
(Drunk in a Midnight Choir, August 2014)

“Soon, the casseroles will come”
(Driftwood Press, July 2014)

“Weeding,” “Spider,” “finally”
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“Meditation on Holding”
(The Reader, 2014)

"A Community," "Date Cake," "The Morning Her Brother Dies, She Tells Us," "Summer When Small," "Steve's"
(Nailed Magazine, November 2013)

Friday the 13th
(NAP, May 2013)

“& i am moving toward you (truth)”
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“Bedford Stuyvesant Summer Triptych”
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“Looking forward,” “[When we met the new house],” “to be a body”
(The Bakery, February 2013)

“Young One”
(The Reader, 2012)

“Upon Waking,” “Ripe & Wanting”
(Yes, Poetry, May 2012)

“Responsibility,” “What I Love,” “Promise" 
(The Legendary, April 2012)